Hannah Downing


Hannah Downing

Hannah was born in the United States before moving to Australia when she was a child. Her love of reading developed when she was very young and her mother would sit and read with her at night, also passing down some of her own childhood books for Hannah to enjoy. Hannah has always loved writing, but began to take it up seriously two years ago when she became involved with an online writing community that inspired and delighted her. Hannah currently spends her days working as a Social Worker in a Mental Health Service in Cairns, Queensland, Australia, and loves to travel, both domestically and internationally, as often as she can. Her dream is to see everything the world has to offer.



Pieces of Us

Charlotte Barnes believed her life was perfect until a betrayal forced her from everything she knew and loved. Devastated and trying to put the past behind her, Charlotte sought a new life in a new town. Now, five years later, her fiancé has convinced her it's time to return home and face her past. But will the truth she learns and the people she reconnects with destroy her carefully crafted happiness? Hannah Downing has created an emotional roller coaster about lost love and the way one indiscretion can change the course of your life. Charlotte questions every decision she's ever made, but she may discover that when you lose everything, you can truly find yourself.


"Hannah Downing really proved herself as an author in Pieces of Us." -- NayKate of Sassy Book Lovers

"I was pleasantly surprised by the twists at the end, leaving me with a satisfied feeling." -- Jennifer Lane of Jennifer Lane Books Blog

"I enjoyed this story a lot. I look forward to reading from this author again." -- T Morris on Amazon.com

The Second Sunrise

The Second Sunrise

Enjoy a free short story, The Second Sunrise, from Hannah Downing, author of Pieces of Us.

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