Omnific Publishing FAQ

Q: What kinds of books does Omnific accept?

A: We are looking for complete, novel-length romance submissions, including contemporary, historical, young adult, paranormal, suspense, alternative, and erotic romance, but will also consider fantasy/urban fantasy, science fiction, and chick lit with a significant romantic element.

Q: I always wanted to write a book about XYZ. Can I send you my idea and see if you will publish it?

A: No. We only review queries for completed manuscripts.

Q: Will Omnific publish anything that is submitted?

A: No, ours is a selective process. We are looking for quality manuscripts, but we are an author-friendly, small press that is approachable and open to discovering and taking a chance on new talent. We are not a vanity press.

Q: How much will I make as an author if I sign with Omnific Publishing?

A: We pay competitive royalties (currently 35% of both ebook sales and net print sales), and we require no money from authors at any stage of the publishing process. Royalties are paid once a month. Our standard publishing agreement is generally negotiable and will be provided to you after acceptance of your manuscript. Because of the significant investment of resources that we make in producing our exceptionally high-quality books (see our rigorous editing process described below), we retain all rights.

Q: Why shouldn't I just self-publish?

A: Self-publishing is certainly a valid option these days, but it means that you will have to undertake numerous tasks, either on your own or by paying someone else to do them. Omnific's commitment to each manuscript includes multiple levels of editing, cover design, interior book design, copyright registration, conversion of manuscripts into electronic formats, including pdf, mobi/prc (Kindle), and epub, listing your book for sale at a multitude of online outlets, such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and All Romance eBooks, hands-on marketing support such as trailer development, guidance in developing a website and social media accounts for the purpose of establishing an online presence, development and issuance of press releases, arranging for reviews by book reviewers, and assistance in planning for author events, readings, virtual launch parties.

Q: Do I need an agent to submit to Omnific?

A: No. We are happy to work with literary agents, but it is not a requirement.

Q: How long will I have to wait for a response once I submit to Omnific?

A: You will receive a personal response within 4-6 weeks. Please let us know at submission if other companies are also considering your manuscript or if you decide to withdraw it from our consideration after submission.

Q: Will I work with an editor?

A: We believe that Omnific has the most rigorous editing process of any epublisher, and perhaps any traditional publisher as well. After review and acceptance by an Acquisitions Editor, a team of Omnific staff will be assigned to your book.You will first work closely with one of our Developmental Editors, your primary editing relationship. Afterward, the manuscript will go through a second round of editing with your Managing Editor, where it will be further refined and polished. Finally, after typesetting, a Copy Editor will proof the manuscript.This rigorous, four-tiered editing process ensures a very high-quality product.

Q: Can I create my own cover?

A: We do solicit input from our authors with respect to cover ideas and final selection, but our covers are created by a staff of talented artists for consistency with our house style, which has been recognized industry-wide as fresh and innovative.

Q: How soon after acceptance will my book be released?

A: Releases depend on factors such as the editor's and author's schedules, the publishing schedule for other books in the same genre, etc. It can take anywhere from six to twelve months.

Q: Will Omnific help market my book?

A: Yes. Omnific has a Marketing Director and a staff of Marketing Specialists, one of which will be assigned to your “team.”That person will help get you set up to market your book through a variety of traditional and innovative techniques.You should be prepared to actively participate in and enthusiastically support the process.

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