Writing a Synopsis

Writing A Synopsis

A synopsis is, simply but importantly, your sales pitch. Your synopsis can make or break your chance to get that coveted request from an editor to read more of your work. 

A synopsis gives the editor a run-down of the events of your novel from start to finish. It essentially reads like a book report, and because of this, it is very easy to overwrite. Remember  that Omnific asks for a synopsis that is at least two pages long, but the synopsis should probably not be longer than four or five pages. So, pick only the most relevant material, the main characters and events (including the ending of the book), and then hone, polish and perfect what you can, highlighting important points without drowning them in details. 

If you are struggling with distilling your novel down into such a brief summary, do another read through of the entire novel and create a one to two sentence summary of each chapter after you read it. This will help you create an outline. Then you can go back and instill it with some excitement, intrigue and style that will capture your editor's attention.

Some important points to remember:

  • When writing a synopsis, it is most common to stick to the present tense (Warren GOES to the movie theater, rather than, Warren WENT to the movie theater).
  • When introducing a character name for the first time, it is standard to put the name entirely in CAPS. Again, this only applies the first time a name is used. After this, it will be lowercase.
  • Remember to tell the whole story, surprise ending and all.

Please take a look at the formatting guidelines on the submissions page, and good luck writing and submitting your synopsis!

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