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Omnific Publishing

Omnific Publishing,founded in 2009, is an independent publisher of romantic fiction that breaks the mold of traditional romance with stories that excite, inspire, amuse, and amaze. Embracing the idea that not every title has to be modeled after the romance novels your mother hid under the bed, we publish fresh, contemporary voices that speak to the modern sensibilities of today's readers. We don't guarantee a fairytale ending, but we do guarantee smart romance for smart people. Imagine a world of romance...

...without predictable formulas

...without tired tropes

...without conventional cliches

Omnific is romance...without rules.

Omnific Publishing accepts submissions in many subgenres of romance, including contemporary, historical, paranormal, suspense, and erotic romance, but will also consider fantasy/urban fantasy, science fiction, and chick lit with strong romantic elements. We’re looking for unlikely heroes and atypical heroines, improbable couples and dubious pairings, twists and turns, and tumultuous treks through troubled, or even terrific times. All kinds of characters and relationships are welcome.

Omnific Publishing is distributed by Simon & Schuster, with whom we also have a co-publishing partnership. The company's current open submission policy provides authors opportunities in the fast growing e-publishing market that may otherwise be unavailable in traditional or indie publishing.

Omnific Publishing is a woman-owned enterprise and is staffed by a team of professionals, with a wealth of experience as writers, editors, graphic artists, and marketers in a quality-focused publication environment.

Omnific Publishing is a royalty-offering publishing company that welcomes queries for novel length pieces in the above mentioned subgenres. Please visit the Omnific Submissions page to complete our submissions form, then send your COMPLETE manuscript to for consideration.

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