Sasha Ferrari


Sasha, 51, has been divorced for 18 years. She has 24 year old twins, Samuel and Daniella born in the beautiful country of the Seychelles, where her family hails from. She loves writing and currently works in middle management in the Health Service in England.


Oasis of Crazy Fish

Oasis of Crazy Fish: A True tale of Internet Dating

Trying to survive being single? Trust me; sometimes it's easier to water your own grass than look for greener on the other side. This book lifts the lid on the crazy, unpredictable and often sordid world that is internet dating.

If you're single and thinking of turning to the internet for dating or just starting on your journey, you need to read this book.

If you're a man currently searching online for that special lady, you need to read this book.

If you're in a relationship and contemplating being single, you need to read this book.

Or if you're just plain old curious about what goes on with singletons in the world of cyber dating, you need to read this book.

Autobiographical in nature, Oasis of Crazy Fish tracks the hilarious and often downright weird journey of a single woman into the modern phenomena that is internet dating. The stories are authentic, sexually explicit and often inappropriate, but above all, honest!

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