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Jazz Hands
Jazz Hands

by Eleanor Gwyn-Jones

After being rejected on the doorstep of her unfiance, former theatre director Enna Petersen finds herself stranded in Pennsylvania in the dead of winter without a place to stay, a job, or even a warm jacket. She was supposed to be reconciled with Cole, not alone and searching for a new path. With no other options, Enna retreats to New York to stay with an old theatre friend in an apartment that is barely big enough to swing a microbe. Now a Brit out of water, Enna has to improvise and find a way to both stay in the States and to convince Cole that she is trustworthy and committed.

In spite of the "shituation," Enna quickly adapts to Brooklyn life and tries her best to rekindle Cole's affections, but it's just not that easy. After she shifts her focus from the bright spotlight of the stage to a small, candle-lit yoga studio she revels in the clarity it brings. Enna is forced to face the music with only one more attempt to reunite with Cole or accept what seems inevitable: a one-way ticket back to England and a broken heart.

Format: Paperback and eBook

ISBN: 978-1-623420-90-1

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