Historical Romance


The Discovered
The Discovered

by Tracy Winegar

After being discovered by Sam Barlow, the one man she would do anything to keep her secret from, Serena Stark must finally face the consequences of her rash decision to dress as a man and fight for the Union Army.

Now her relationship with him is on shaky ground, and she can only hope that he will choose not to tell anyone else what she has done for fear of what it will do to her reputation, as well as how it will affect her future. While her personal life is filled with turmoil and conflict, so too is the deeply divided war-ravaged country for which she fights. As the Civil War rages on with no end in sight, Serena must endure the Battle of Gettysburg, the constant dangerous threat of Mosby's Raiders, and a new enemy in Jack Monroe, a soldier who fights in the same company but is far from a friendly ally.

Serena must be on her guard and keep her wits about her if she hopes to survive. But even harder than preserving her life, will be protecting her heart.

Format: Paperback or eBook

ISBN: 978-1-623422-22-6

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