Romantic Suspense


The Sacrificial Lamb
The Sacrificial Lamb

by Elle Fiore

Domenic D'Angelo is an accomplished liar. He has to be. As second in command of the mob family, The Liseni, he's seen almost everything. That is until his boss, Carlo Commisso, kidnaps Alexis Montgomery: the daughter of a small town sheriff who witnessed something he shouldn't have. Charged with keeping Alexis safe until her father has a lapse of memory in court, Domenic finds himself drawn to the girl. Having subsisted on rage and vengeance for almost a decade, she brings out emotions in him that have long since been dead.

The situation becomes critical when Alexis has served her main purpose and is living on borrowed time. She finds herself in the precarious position of having to trust a mob-hardened criminal, who despite everything, has kept her safe against the men he works for in a bid to save her life. But trust is hard-earned, and Alexis finds out not everything Domenic tells her is the truth.

This is a story about survival, destiny and the awakening of a forbidden passion. Thrown into a dangerous inferno of deception and crime, how can they survive the flames?

Format: Paperback or eBook

ISBN: 978-1-623420-62-8

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