Contemporary Romance


A Picture Worth a Thousand Words
A Picture Worth a Thousand Words

by Nicole Lane

Kline Scott had found fame as a sitcom and romcom star, but he was finally getting his big break as a serious movie star in Hollywood. Just as his real-life romance with comedy writer Rhiannon Charles starts to heat up, Kline's first love, the Broadway star, Jill Parker, comes to Hollywood. When paparazzi shots of Kline and Rhiannon making love in his swimming pool hit the tabloids, and Jill's secret marriage ends in a very public divorce, the two stars agree to a publicity romance.

While they are posing for the cameras, will they fall in love again?

Kline needs to learn who he is without a hot date, and Jill is looking for real love, not just kisses for the cameras, so how will this couple find their happily ever after? There's more than meets the eye in those paparazzi pictures, and this is a picture worth a thousand words.

Format: Paperback and eBook

ISBN: 978-1-623422-76-9

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